zondag 20 december 2009

All I want for Chrismas is you

All I want for chrismas is you..

I'm back

Sorry for his late update .. I had recently quite busy with school. And was completely forgotten something in my blog post. It is now Christmas, and there is a nice thick layer of snow. All that wonderful white snow, it looks beautiful! It is just so fast that you have cold and wet .. But it does have some. Today I would actually go to the circus because it is snowing so hard, no drive train to Rotterdam. So now I'am here, nice and warm inside .. But then anything on my blog writing! Monday I go to Maastricht, three days long .. Go shopping! So if anyone still knows very nice shops in Maastricht? Of great tips!

donderdag 12 november 2009

This is it

Onder het genot van een lekker kopje thee en op de achtergrond muziek van Michael Jackson ('Man in the mirror'). Denk ik terug aan de geweldige avond van gister. Op 10-11-09 liepen me pa en ik om 10 voor half 8 een half volle zaal binnen om daar naar iets speciaals, iets bijzonders, iets aparts te kijken. Dan heb ik het over de repetitie beelde van de afscheid concerten van Michael Jackson. Hij zou die 50 concerten gaan geven in Londen.. Helaas heeft hij er geen eentje meer kunnen geven want MJ is overleden op 25 juni 2009 door een hartstilstand. Michael staat bekend als een Amerikaanse zanger, danser en componist. He was the King of the Pop! Een legende, hij maakte de beste muziek en zijn dansen zijn voortreffelijk. De film was speciaal, een uur en een kwartier was ik in de hemel.. haha, heb genoten van de muziek, dans en van Michael.

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson

zondag 8 november 2009

i love kenya

vacation @ kenya 2009

vrijdag 6 november 2009


Trust your heart to give another person is required to show a special courage.

Sometimes you want to live on an island, without whining and toiled.

But you are not alone in life, there are always people around you.

There are some who much about you, all you live for the eye alone.

You always have with them, you can not without real contact.

Another often do you get, sometimes pleasantly, sometimes without tact.

Who dares open his heart to pain Is the corner of the door.
If you Imagine sure to tell your opinions deeply disappointed.

Then you try to close your only way to go.

To close out all questions, but in your heart is still a tear.

Life can be so hurt, it seems only darkness and pain.

But you will also have to learn: A loner can never be.

Know, no one comes through life without pain and without pain.

If you dare trust to give Will not you really just more.

You'll If you get only real friend opens your heart wide.

If you constantly remain silent man Do you even violence.

Know that who you want to orphans, always trust in you accept.

What you let your heart than from reading Will very carefully, always saved.

If you dare give something of yourself, Get you a thousand times again.

Dare to live only among people, then your man should be constantly

What about a girl in each other?

If a girl is quiet, she thinks about one million things.

If a girl does not respond, it is deep thinking.

When a girl looks at you with full of questions, she is wondering how long you stay.

When a girl answers with: "I'm fine with" something is seriously wrong.

If a girl to your tail, she is wondering why you're lying.

When a girl with her head resting on your chest, she wants you forever her remains.

If a girl wants to see you every day, do you like them.

When a girl says' I love you "she believes.

When a girl says," I miss you "is there anyone in the world you more than miss it.

You wish it was this easy..

donderdag 5 november 2009

woensdag 4 november 2009


the good life is inspired by love


Do you think I do not perciengs in my body? Do not worry .. you can use them for your bag:

Love may fade with the season

People sometimes ask you, what do you like most autumn, spring, summer or winter? Actually I can think about hours but I never find a real answer to the question. Each season has its special so well, everything (almost) everything has its fun and silly side!

Autumn as I like because it leaves fall from the trees ..
the cooler is all that .. Can you get a delicious cup of
hot chocolate with warm milk by the fireplace.

Spring is so fun because I'm birthday, haha. Because
the lambs then you see walking through the meadow.
And again what is nicer weather!

Summer is the best .. for the summer! The nice
hot weather, nice beach and on the outside are!

The ultimate winter anyway if you feel the roofs
are white with snow, the Christmas trees,
the pretty lights everywhere,
St. Nicholas with his great gifts!
All fun!

The dag before the party..

You surely know it: the contents of your closet is like a mountain on the ground and if you look at it you become dizzy from a Mount Everest of garments. Playing next to you all back to clean up, and while that still have nothing to wear. Sigh ..


You should have seen my room. It looked like a woman attacked by a H&M. The entire collection was on the floor, my bed and desk littered. All those old clothes, I needed something new. I had the past months but what made efficient with my money .. And then came the pep talk from my mother: ''Why do not you créer something cool?'' Took my black satin, blue dress and pulled out the hope a gray, golden brooch. Who said that mothers have no fashion sense?

Now the party started! Oh yes, everyone asked where I had my dress come ..