vrijdag 6 november 2009


Trust your heart to give another person is required to show a special courage.

Sometimes you want to live on an island, without whining and toiled.

But you are not alone in life, there are always people around you.

There are some who much about you, all you live for the eye alone.

You always have with them, you can not without real contact.

Another often do you get, sometimes pleasantly, sometimes without tact.

Who dares open his heart to pain Is the corner of the door.
If you Imagine sure to tell your opinions deeply disappointed.

Then you try to close your only way to go.

To close out all questions, but in your heart is still a tear.

Life can be so hurt, it seems only darkness and pain.

But you will also have to learn: A loner can never be.

Know, no one comes through life without pain and without pain.

If you dare trust to give Will not you really just more.

You'll If you get only real friend opens your heart wide.

If you constantly remain silent man Do you even violence.

Know that who you want to orphans, always trust in you accept.

What you let your heart than from reading Will very carefully, always saved.

If you dare give something of yourself, Get you a thousand times again.

Dare to live only among people, then your man should be constantly

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