woensdag 4 november 2009

Love may fade with the season

People sometimes ask you, what do you like most autumn, spring, summer or winter? Actually I can think about hours but I never find a real answer to the question. Each season has its special so well, everything (almost) everything has its fun and silly side!

Autumn as I like because it leaves fall from the trees ..
the cooler is all that .. Can you get a delicious cup of
hot chocolate with warm milk by the fireplace.

Spring is so fun because I'm birthday, haha. Because
the lambs then you see walking through the meadow.
And again what is nicer weather!

Summer is the best .. for the summer! The nice
hot weather, nice beach and on the outside are!

The ultimate winter anyway if you feel the roofs
are white with snow, the Christmas trees,
the pretty lights everywhere,
St. Nicholas with his great gifts!
All fun!

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