woensdag 4 november 2009

The dag before the party..

You surely know it: the contents of your closet is like a mountain on the ground and if you look at it you become dizzy from a Mount Everest of garments. Playing next to you all back to clean up, and while that still have nothing to wear. Sigh ..


You should have seen my room. It looked like a woman attacked by a H&M. The entire collection was on the floor, my bed and desk littered. All those old clothes, I needed something new. I had the past months but what made efficient with my money .. And then came the pep talk from my mother: ''Why do not you créer something cool?'' Took my black satin, blue dress and pulled out the hope a gray, golden brooch. Who said that mothers have no fashion sense?

Now the party started! Oh yes, everyone asked where I had my dress come ..

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